Regarding Office 365 Smtp relay

We are trying to create an office 365 conne tor for our applications and printers, im using the below article from Microsoft as a refference, and the requirement of that connector that a public ip should be available, so my question should i have a public ip for each app or printer i will configure or it will be one for all? also that IP will be added to the firewall or directly on the server, how i will added?

Abdul AliAsked:
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You have to have single static public IP address through which all your devices / printers can send communication to O365 relay

The IP address is essentially should be on firewall and this IP should be used as source IP address for all outbound SMTP traffic
It means when O365 receive relay mail requests, it will look for source IP where it should find this IP

If you already have any SMTP outbound gateway IP, you can use that
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