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Larry Brister
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I am a pastor that wears two lapel mics because of two separate systems I need to broadcast to.

1 is a Sennheiser XA and the other is a RodeLink TX

The way they screw into the transmitters is the same.

What I need to a system where I can get two identical microphones onto one tie clip.
I don't care what model... as long as the quality is reasonable.
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Go to the local jeweler (not one of the chains, a locally owned store) and loan him the mikes for a few days.  Have him solder two mike mounts onto a tie clip such that they don't touch.  It might cost $75 to have this done but it'll be easier than finding a two-mike tie clip.

In this situation I might go looking for a pocket-sized distribution amp that can drive both transmitters from one mike.  This is probably an off the shelf item.
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