WD MybookLive Data disappear

Hi Experts,

I have a WD MybookLive of 1TB. I connect to it via internet cable, and all of the sudden I got disconnected and when I connected back I was not able to see my data there. So far I have tried different ways to look for my data but no luck. I tried from the UI, Shares shows only the Public folder which is empty! I also tried to ssh to it and explore every folder possible but I'm still not able to see my data there. When I \\theipofmybooklive\ It shows me an empty folder. Please help.
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Maybe the disk is failing? Does the UI have diagnostics you can run?
ITHDAuthor Commented:
Yes, it does have. I have already ran it and it shows that the HDD it's OK. I can ssh to it and see all the system's files but I can't see my data. Is there any hidden folder that contains the data?
I don't know how those NAS are setup, but probably the disk is partitioned, and one partition holds the OS, and others are used for the data. Maybe you could also check if there is a firmware upgrade available.
ITHDAuthor Commented:
I just upgraded to the latest firmware. The total size of the HDD is 1TB, it shows that 3GB are in use. I believe that the 3GB is the system that comes with the HDD.
power it down, and also your system
then reboot - is it still empty?
Wells AndersonCEOCommented:
I hope that (a) you have a good backup, (b) the data on your inexpensive, consumer-grade WD NAS is not very valuable, or (c) you can recover your data! Option (c) may be difficult but hopefully is possible. I suspect all your data is just sitting there waiting for you to fix the partition.

You can read about how others have struggled to get their data back by searching for: my book live disk partitions

According to John Hunt, your data is on the ext4 partition. His incident occurred almost 4 years ago. It should be easier now to recover a GPT partition with current tools, since GPT is much more common now. Sounds like John was very Linux-oriented. I expect there are Windows utilities that make the recovery process easier on a PC.

Perhaps others here can suggest the path of least resistance to making the ext4 partition visible again, if not in the WD NAS, at least in an external hard drive enclosure. You'll void your warranty by taking the drive out, but that's probably the least of your worries.

Here is an external dock that supports up to 8TB drives, highly rated, for just $20.88 - atolla Lay-Flat SATA to USB 3.0 HDD Enclosure.  Here's another one with over 3,000 reviews for $22.99.  Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATAExternal Hard Drive Lay-Flat Docking Station.

Of course, if you are in a hurry, you can try installing the drive in a desktop PC or go to your location computer to buy a hard drive dock. Notes for next time: Regularly back up everything important twice - once onsite, once offsite - and buy higher quality drives, like WD Black, and a better NAS, like a Synology. That external dock and a couple of large, extra hard drives could become parts of your improved backup routine.

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