Dev Ops - Deploy Drupal CWS into AWS cloud???

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And provide continuous deployment....

My skills are linux, some AWS but very little Dev Ops. Where to start?
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Perhaps start with some more details:

What experience do you have with continuous deployment, what experience do you have with Drupal, specifically moving/deploying an existing site?

Do you want to run the continuous deployment environment on the same server as your website or elsewhere?

What kind of deployment are you doing? Just code changes, changes to Drupal configuration, changes to Drupal content?

Are you sure continuous deployment is what you want to do or is it some buzzword you recently heard?



No experience at all.

Same server as website, changes to code at the moment, my client wants the option for CI.
Why does your client want the option for CI? And CI is different to continuous deployment. It's not something to be taken lightly. It's reasonably easy to set up but you need a team that is familiar with the concept and workflows involved. CI or CD without the right team is pointless and by the sounds of it, since you are asking this question here I doubt you have the right team otherwise they would answer this question.

That said, perhaps you're curious to learn, but I would say you're not ready to implement this for your client.

Jenkins is a popular continuous integration environment. At it's simplest you can set up Jenkins to watch the repository for pull requests or commits, the latest code can be checked out and tests run against it.
I would recommend having a different server for the CI environment, if you have tests running, especially a headless browser, then it can take up a lot of resources that you don't want affecting a live environment.
As for Drupal, do you have experience with the features module? This covers 99% of deployment/update needs and is a great way to package changes to your site. With the features module a deployment then becomes: 1. Checkout latest code/tag, 2. Revert features.
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Hoping to set something up in AWS to learn how its done to be honest....


Thanks - so where does drupal come into it?
The process is mostly exactly the same but instead where you might compile the Java code, you might revert features. It's all about getting the right code in the right place.

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