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Windows Temp folder keeps filling disk with cab_xxxx files

DenTechCO asked
I have a few computers we maintain that run Windows 7 Professional...the c:\windows\temp folder keeps slowly filling the entire disk with files named cab_xxxx.  I have searched for solutions and tried recreating the windows update folder and the cbs.log  (see http://www.cagedrat.com/microsoft-windows/microsoft-windows-updates-cab-files-filling-up-hard-drive/ for specifics).  I can go in and delete these files with no harm but in a matter of days they recreate and fill the entire disk.
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Shahnawaz AhmedCloud Migration Engineer

Hello Dean, I did some research and found a useful which might help from IBM bigfix site. Sharing you the completed link so you can visit the solution your self. I just showing you the way
Let's try getting your PC current with updates manually, and see if that stops Windows Update from filling up your drive. First, turn off Windows Update:

Then install the "Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup":

Now you have all Windows 7 updates through May 2016.

You can then download the "January 2017 Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1". This should give you all updates between October 2016 & January 2017:

Then turn back on Windows Update and run it. Check to see if it finds any other updates. Monitor the TEMP folder for .cab files.

Were all these PCs made from the same image?
They were not, but we do run system automation and patch installation with N-Central.  Looks like a combination of my first steps, manually running updates, and then running cleanmgr and sfc after reboot got it to calm down.  Thanks for the assistance.


Don't know exactly what fixed the issue but after running the steps in my first post, manually running updates, and doing some cleanup work after fixed the issue.