What is the best way to search the deep web for difficult terms

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Let's say for example I need to find out the translation to Swedish (or find a comprehensive definition) of this term:

blind co-load master

The subject area is transport and shipping (logistics; import/export).

If I search Google.co.uk I get 2 hits only. So I wonder if there is a way to find many more hits by searching the deep web?

This is the definition of a blind load: http://www.ehow.com/facts_6050164_blind-load-freight_.html

Master is related to Bill of Lading.
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Just as a terminology clarification, the deep web is generally in reference to content that isn't indexed in search engines. Hence, there is theoretically no way to search the deep web.

In terms of search depth though, Google is generally the best at not just indexing, but identifying relevance to your search. So when it comes to searching, you are likely going to be using Google.

However, for your specific request, translating a very industry specific (blind co-load master) term from one language to another, I suggest two different ideas:

1.) Find a consultant who is multi-lingual to help with both researching/translating. Ideally the consultant would have experience in the industry/service you're dealing with. For the term you're investigating, it sounds like you're looking for help in shipping/receiving. Someone who is a warehouse shipping clerk, and can speak swedish, could be all that you need. Shipping clerks are generally paid an entry-level wage so I wouldn't expect this to be an expensive consultant.
2.) Find a freight company (with blind dropshipping available) that has headquarters in multiple countries. Ask for the manifests in each language. Between the English/Swedish version, you'd potentially be able to deduce the translations.

Also, blind co-load master is a fairly nebulous term to translate. I'd generally attempt to translate the full term, for example "blind drop shipment" + "master bill of lading". According to Google translate, in Swedish this would be:

blinda droppe transporten mästare fraktsedel


Ok, thanks, the second solution could work, to get the manifests in both languages. I tried approaching several  shipping agents etc., but as the contents I translated was so specific for this system, and as a lot of abbreviations were used, I didn't get much results.

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