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Auto rejection for holiday request on sharepoint

I have a Share-point that is used for holiday requests, i have one user that when they put a holiday request in it is automatically rejected by the manager. Everyone else it sends a email to the manager requesting for approval/ rejection

I'm fairly new to share-point and didn't set up the share-point, but am guessing it is a setting in the workflow?

Is anyone able to give me some pointers?
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A few points to consider:
  1. There is probably only one workflow for the entire system, so if it works for one user it should work for all users
  2. Conversely, if it is broken for one user as in your case, it should be broken for all
That means, maybe make sure the user name, email addressee and anything else that could be unique to the "broken" user is correct. The problem may not be the workflow.

Note, it is SharePoint, not share-point

Hope that helps...
Walter CurtisSharePoint AED
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Answer provided was accurate.