Craigslist - best way to form band, advertise for musicians?

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I'm looking to create a band, again.
I doubt musicians look at craigslist to find other people? Only paid gigs, I will be using Cakewalk or Final Cut to make home recordings.

What do you think is the best way to post for other musicians? I m 39 years old.
Last time I did this, I was 19 and I posted at the university boards, and I'm not sure what to do now! I don't know many people here, yet.
This is not fully intended to be anything big, like before. That would be unrealistic. The Voice, American Idol and Americas Got Talent have messed up a lot of music, IMO.

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AlexSenior Infrastructure Analyst
If it were me, I'd advertise in your local newspapers first to cover auditions with what you're looking for. Yeah you'll have to pay for it but you should get some bites considering how many people you start with.

Why not call up your old band mates and see if they wanna rehearse or something.
Senior Infrastructure Analyst
and I feel for you mate, Americas got talent is terrible, nearly as bad as Britain's got talent....

In all honesty, anything that has "Got talent" or "Idol" or anything like that in the title should be banned because it's so bad... Oh the voice, Don't even get me started on the voice....

Gone are the days of good programming, now we're left with a population of idiots... Idiocracy was a film, not a bloody guide book!
Scott CSenior Engineer

See if there are any MeetUp groups in your area.

There is usually a group for just about everything.
beavoidSelf Employed


On Craigslist, what category would a musician post go under?
it isn't personal or job available or housing or romance or a position
What do you suspect musicians might check?

Scott CSenior Engineer

I'd list it under Personal/Platonic as you aren't looking for a date.  

I've seen board gamers post in that section from time to time.

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