Brother printer model tt support digital line fax & use same cartridge as DCP-J315W

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
I shifted to a place where we don't use analog phone lines anymore & the Telco told me the fax machine
must be one that support digital line.

My old DCP-J315W Brother printer just broke during shifting & I m left with a lot of ink cartridges.
I like Brother as they give 3 yrs warranty here.

Can anyone suggest Brother models that use same cartridge at J315W & cud support digital line?
If there's none that support digital line, at least it can support eFax software for sending/receiving.
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RaminTechnical Advisor

all these:
Brother printer J315W DCP J125, DCP J140W, DCP J315W, DCP J515W

Brother LC39 Cartridges are compatible with the followings ..

Brother DCPJ125      Brother DCPJ315W      Brother DCPJ515W
Brother MFCJ220      Brother MFCJ265W      Brother MFCJ410
Brother MFCJ415W       



Any of the models above support digital line fax or eFax ?
RaminTechnical Advisor

it sounds like you can not have eFax ability and your old Cartridges together, you have to select between them.  

Try this link:


What about laptop connecting to the digital line (it's an RJ45 connector) : any solution to enable me to
send fax & receive fax (without Brother MFC/printer) by connecting laptop to the digital line?

Think the broken DCP has an RJ11 for analog fax
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)
brother mfc-j625dw will work with your digital line, this what I've been using since 2008 with my Magic-Jack, just put a filter into the printer then plug the line in. as for the donate or recycle that is what I did when I change printer
This sounds like you moved to a VOIP system. What phones are you using (Band/Model)?

The protocols used to send Fax over VOIP are T.38 or fax over G.711:

You can use an old analog fax by attaching an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) between the fax and the ethernet VOIP line.

An ATA like this Planet VIP-156PE for $79 may work with your fax and your new phone service. See if your service provider can tell you what fax protocols it supports over VOIP.
As for using your laptop, there's software that will send/receive faxes over VOIP:


I have no idea what protocol I have at this new place but I'm certainly using the old
Panasonic analog phone with an ATA adaptor.

Thanks for the great replies
Yeah, we have a postage meter with an analog modem hooked up to an ATA at work, and it works well enough for that. The Planet VIP-156PE I linked to supports both fax VOIP protocols, and a few other VOIP protocols.

You could try hooking an analog fax up to the ATA you currently have to see if it works.

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