OneNote in Android phones cannot 'pinch' to re-size to fill screen

How can we make OneNote to re-size to fit the android phone screen size? (we "pinch" the screen but it goes only so far, not complete).  Note, in Iphone we can "pinch" the OneNote screen and reduce the OneNote to fit the screen.  It seems an Android problem.

Please advice,
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Brandon LyonSenior Frontend DeveloperCommented:
Can you be more specific about the problem? Perhaps what version of the application you're on, what type of phone and/or screen size, what version of Android, etc? Perhaps attach a sample file? I can pinch to zoom fine on my Android 6.0 copy of OneNote 16.0.7870.1767.
janaAuthor Commented:
One of the users gave us the alert and we looked at around 5 android users and all could not pinch to reduce size to fit the android phone screen (the can reduce up to a certain point, but that's it).

Type of phone, screen size, Android version, etc. kind of tough to get since these people are always on the street, but will try to coordinate with them.

But your info of Android 6.0 and OneNote 16.0.7870.1767, we will compare with theirs.

Based on your comment could be version problem? (but OneNote is from Play Store, don't think you can download a previous version from play store); have you seen this behavior with other android with lower version number  of Android and OneNote?
janaAuthor Commented:
FYI, when we say "pinch" we mean like zoom out on the phone screen.
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Brandon LyonSenior Frontend DeveloperCommented:
When I first answered your question I used OneNote from my Android tablet. I just tried it on my phone and noticed that I couldn't zoom out like you mentioned.

My suspicion is that the developers purposely disabled zoom past a certain point on phone sized screens. I suggest that you submit feedback on the OneNote feedback forums in order to tell them you want that feature:
janaAuthor Commented:
We also have iPhone and you can zoom out as to place the sheet in full width screen.  Seems it's OS dependent.
Jackie ManCommented:
It is unlikely to have the same feature like what iOS has for OneNote app as screen resolutions for Android devices varies and there is no clear boundaries to differentiate a phone and a tablet in Android.

For iOS, the screen ratios among recent releases of iPhone and iPad are standardised and it is much straight forward to setup such feature.

But, in Android devices, it is a one app fits all devices approach. The app can be designed for your feature but will get complicated if the screen ratio is not in the list. So, MS will not brother to have such a feature and a similar question has been asked before in the community forum of OneNote but it is not answered at all.

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Jackie ManCommented:

Read the article in the link above if you are free.
janaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much!
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