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adjusting startup config

Does anyone know of a free application that will enable be to adjust startup config on cisco routers and switches?
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cant you just use the cli?  What are you trying to accomplish exactly?
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well, i have lots of routers are at remote locations and sometimes need to make changes to an outside interfaces so that at the next reboot, the startup config will take an effect. Whole point of this is so I won't lose connection and I dont think this can be done by using CLI. You can't make changes to just starup config
there might be a simpler way but you can do the following
- grab the startup config using tftp or dump it using the CLI
- edit whatever you need locally
- upload it back using tftp as ( maybe you can also write a complete file with the cli, i don't know but you can using tftp for sure )
- connect using the cli and rename to startup

all of the above should be quite easy to automate over ssh/telnet + tftp if you can script

i'm unsure it is needed to use a temporary file name but i'm concerned things would go bad if the upload fails part way
skullnobrains has the same recommendation i would, tftp and file copies, charges are made off device and you would just copy the file back up.
Everything can be done from cli (including manipulation with startup file, but it is risky)...
Also, you can run command directly from device flash, so if you prepare everything in order you don't need to change startup. Since, if you make error in startup configuration, device  may not be available after reboot.

Please, read read article:

Copy Files to a Router through Telnet and why we need it
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