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Need help Creating PowerShell Script

Greeting Experts,

    I need help creating a script that can create a list of Ip addresses from range of CIDR Notation (i.e. in collum A with different subnet mask ( /22, /21, /20, /19, etc) and add the Site location related to that subnet in collum B (I.e. Site1, Site2, Site3, etc). I have attached example below.

List of Content to input into the script.
User generated image

List of IP Address with the Site Location Associated to the subnet
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Chris Dent
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Long, long ago I wrote a set of functions that could take a CIDR range and turn that into a list of IP addresses. I since published it as a module on PSGallery:

Get-NetworkRange is able to turn CIDR notation into a list of IP addresses.

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Without module, and assuming a csv with headers as in your screenshot, and export to a csv:
Function Get-IP4Range([string]$CIDR) {
	$AddressDotted, [int]$NetmaskCidr = $CIDR.Split('/') | ForEach-Object {$_.Trim()}
	$arrAddress = $AddressDotted.Split('.')
	$AddressInt = [System.BitConverter]::ToUInt32($arrAddress, 0)
	$NetmaskInt = [System.Convert]::ToUInt32(('{0}{1}' -f $('1' * $NetmaskCidr), $('0' * (32 - $NetmaskCidr))), 2)
	[uint32]$Network = $AddressInt -band $NetmaskInt
	$BroadcastInt = $Network -bor (-bnot $NetmaskInt)
	For ($IP = $Network + 1; $IP -lt $BroadcastInt; $IP++) {
		$arrIP = [System.BitConverter]::GetBytes($IP)
		$arrIP -join '.'

Import-Csv C:\Temp\IP.csv | ForEach-Object {
	$SiteLocation = $_.'Site Location'
	Get-IP4Range -CIDR $_.'CIDR/IP Range' | Select-Object @{n='List of IP Addresses'; e={$_}}, @{n='Site Locations'; e={$SiteLocation}}

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thanks for the Script, After uploading the Indented.Net.IP.psm1 module I was able to use the script you created... thanks
Since my code is based on the suggestion of (and the module published by) Chris Dent, he should receive some points too.