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Hi. I have an issue with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that is stuck on the Samsung logo at startup. I want to connect it on a USB port on a PC to retrive the data before factory reset. The PC doesn't seems to recognize it.

Is there a trick to extract the datas from this thing?

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Edward PamiasTeam Lead RRS DeskCommented:
Try holding the power button and the volume down button for 10-15 seconds. Then try to turn it on again use the Samsung app on their site to back it up.
try the usual voldown+middle_button+power reboot. if you manage to get the blue boot screen, you are likely to be able to see all partitions including system partitions as if you plugged a bunch of usb keys. if you see the red one, you might be able to use adb
Jackie ManCommented:
How old is your tablet?

You might need to dissemble your tablet to get out the battery first if the above advices do not work.

Stuck at logo might means two things. Either the bootloader is crashed or there is hardware damage of the logic board.
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jpmoreauAuthor Commented:
Ok. But do you know how to dissemble whitout breaking it? I already tried all the previous steps.
did you manage to get any startup screen other than the samsung logo ( which implies you were already starting the main OS )
jpmoreauAuthor Commented:
I see the samsung logo and it stucked there
did you actually try "voldown+middle_button+power reboot" and similar combinations including possible ones specific to your own model ? you really should give it one more try because these combinations are normally detected before the logo has a chance to appear...

if not : will show you how to disassemble ( I feel like a google monkey on this one ). if you're lucky enough the sd card containing your precious data is not soldered and can be plugged into a card reader.
Jackie ManCommented:
Samsung KLMAG2GE4A NAND flash memory is the internal storage and it is soldered (green box below).

Logic  board of Samsung  Note 10.1
Also, do you see the battery charging icon when you are charging the tablet?
Jackie ManCommented:
There are forensic  tools to read the NAND flash memory but should be pretty expensive and most users cannot afford to buy.
Jackie ManCommented:
But do you know how to dissemble whitout breaking it?

It I better to leave the job to specialists in repair outlets.
+1 unsoldering and attempting to read the nand chip will most likely result in a broken tablet and no data unless you really have experience with these... sorry but unless you manage to grab one of the debug screens, this looks like a dead end.
jpmoreauAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.

I can reach the debug screen and I have the choice to factory default and erase all data or clear cache partition and all these options. I have try evrything an nothing revive the tablet. I will maybe try to disamble it for the flash memory card. It is my last chance I think.
there are multiple debug screens accessed using various key and the keys vary slightly with the vendors, perhaps individual models.

the one i was hoping you'd get ( actually i think might be vol UP + home + power ) on a samsung device if it is available is blue with a single line of white text and you can't do a thing. but it allows plugging an usb cord and ALL the partitions are mountable rw on a computer without hassle. actually i used it to root some devices. it might be worth a shot to try other combinations.

this one may or may not allow the use of adb. on most phones you can enable adb from this screen. if adb is available, you can get your precious data back. anyway plug an usb cord and see if some new partitions are visible. and if not try and use adb and see if it can detect your tablet.
jpmoreauAuthor Commented:
On this model I only see Power and volume button
hmm... not sure there is a way to access those screens, then

what about plugging an usb cord with the startup screen you got ? trying adb ?
Jackie ManCommented:
Assuming that there is no hardware error, try the following.

Harder way (assumed that you have GT-N8013 and EFS problem, no backup and so on):
(Thanks to tripijb)
1.- Install CWM recovery in your rooted tablet.
2.- Install ADB in your PC to be able to communicate with the tablet via com window. Install busybox as well.
3.- Google a nv_data.bin file till you find one. I found one.
4.- BOOT your Tablet in Recovery mode push both the power and the volume up button (the farthest to the power button). When the First letters appear, release the power button, not the volume up until entering in recovery mode.
5.- Go to your PC, connect the USB cable to your tablet and go to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>
6.- Type adb shell and hit return
7.- if you see # good, you have access to your tablet. Do not type su because does not work. You are root (I assume).
8.- type busybox df -h and check you do not have the efs mounted. In fact it does not even appear.
9.- Try to mount mmcblk0p3 (mount -w -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 /efs ) YES 0p3. I have found a lot of forums saying it is 0p1 but not in the Galaxy Note N8013 as you see in your post.
10.- Of course did not mount!!! That is the error. So we have to....
11.- Now try to make that partition, by typing mke2fs /dev/block/mmcblk0p3
12.- Now try to mount it again by typing mount -w -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p3 /efs It worked!!
13.- Now you have to keep the downloaded nv_data.bin file in the root of your sdcard, and a text file named factorymode with the letters ON inside.
14.- do busybox ls -ltr and you will see there is a folder called sdcard -> /data/media
15.- create a folder inside the /efs/ folder named FactoryApp
16.- Copy the factorymode from the root of your sdcard to the /efs/FactoryApp folder by typing: busybox cp /data/media/factorymode /efs/FactoryApp
17.- Copy the nv_data.bin from your sdcard to your efs folder by typing: busybox cp /data/media/nv_data.bin /efs
18.- Now change permissions to all those files inside efs with 0744 by typing: busybox chmod 0744 /efs/FactoryApp/factorymode Do it with all!!
19.- Now change owner of the directory efs down with: busybox chown 1001.1001 /efs
11.- in CWM go to advanced and fix permissions.
12.- Boot in recovery mode.
13.- Try to mount efs partition and it works!!! Check with ADB that all your files are there and a lot more.
14.- Reboot the Tablet and the efs is there for good.

Jackie ManCommented:
Any update? It is a tough task even for the experts.

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jpmoreauAuthor Commented:
Is think that nothing is working to save the datas
if you cannot boot the device, nor boot to the boot loader, nor access a debug screen that will let you use adb or directly mount the partitions on a computer, ... likely not.

you never answered to these questions : when you reach the debug screen and you plug an usb cord, can you see all or part of the partitions on your computer ? can you use adb ? ( if you don't kn ow what adb is, it might be time to ask )

if you a actually already reset the tablet to "factory defaults" as mentioned above, you probably already erased your data anyway
Jackie ManCommented:

Even you can access the tablet via adb, nothing can be restored as your tablet is not rooted.

In short, it is not possible to do any data recovery.
jpmoreauAuthor Commented:
When I connect the tablet to a PC it try to install but fail. The only choice I can do is to factory restore but it wont give me my photos.

Thanks everyone
sorry you could not recover your data. regards
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