Loop in the CL from tn5250j AS400

Hi Guys,
I have a problem how to make a sqaure and triangle with a for loop.
when i say it have to need 6 lines then the square has the look like this
0 .......0  

for a triangle it has the look like this

something like that and dont know how to start
hopefully you guys can help

cheers Robby and sorry for my bad englisch
Robby DanneelsAsked:
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
In a green-screen (TN5250) environment, you would typically use Screen Design Aid (SDA) to create a display file (*DSPF).  Here is a tutorial that explains how to create a display file.  You can just use literals to draw your shapes.


Here is a simple CL that will display a record format called SCREEN1 in a display file MYDSPF:

   dclf file(MYDSPF) rcdfmt(SCREEN1)
Robby DanneelsAuthor Commented:
Dear Gary,

Thanks for your information, but i have to write everything in code.
Frits i have to write how many lines do you need in the figure betweter (2-10)
Then you have to choose between à square or a triangel
Them at last if you have choose a number between 2 and 10 and you have choose witch figure you want
Them my output have become like my first command

Greets Robby
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Then you could create a display file with variables for each line, and in your program you would write code to fill in each line the way you want.

DSPF would contain variables like this:

0000.40      A          R SCREEN1                    
0000.60      A            LINE1          6   O  2  2
0001.00      A            LINE2          6   O  3  2
0002.00      A            LINE3          6   O  4  2
0003.00      A            LINE4          6   O  5  2
0004.00      A            LINE5          6   O  6  2
0005.00      A            LINE6          6   O  7  2

Then In your CL program, you could assign the correct value to each line, and then SNDRCFV

CHGVAR &LINE2 VALUE('0     0')

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