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How to count the number of customers ordering at an item - pivot table

Column A: - Unique identification number of product
Column B: Departments ordering

I would like to count the number of  departments ordering  a unique product in Colum A
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Sample workbook would be helpful.
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hmm ... why pivot ?

select A,count(B) from table group by A
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oups : missed the excel part ;) sorry
if you need a formula for a specific product, something like this should do : count(if(A1:A100 = "myproduct",B1:B100))
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Thank-you for your replies.

The attached workbook. I would like to know how many times the customers in Colum B orders column A. Thank-you for your time and assistance.
you'd need to replace the "sum" by a "count" in the calculated data ( or add an extra column ).
click on the pivot and find where you can add a new "value" or "set of values" which will actually ask for the type of value ( sum, count, count unique ... ) and add the corresponding extra column.