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Weekly and Monthly Run Rate in Excel

Last Modified: 2017-11-07
Can someone tell me how to calculate run rate in Excel?

I would like to find revenue run rate for the week and for the month and compare it to previous week and previous month.

The revenue data is imported into Excel every day.

I have last year's revenue by month along with monthly target.
I also have this year's revenue as of a few days ago by month.

I would like to see how we are doing compared to the monthly target
I would like to see how we are doing again compared to same month last year
I would like to see how we are doing compared to last month
I would like to see how we are doing this week compared to last week
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Could you provide some sample data, manually put in the desired result and explain in context? It is hard to tell you which formulas to use without knowing where your data is and what the logic is.


Hello Ingeborg. Thanks for replying it is much appreciated. I am attaching sample data.

In the file there are two tabs:

one for the daily data (Feb 1 to March 5) and another where I have a table of data which includes 2016 and 2017 Revenue.

In the table I have data separated by months with rows including:
- 2016 Revenue (from Jan to Dec)
- 2017 Revenue (from Jan to March 5)
- 2017 Plan Target
- 2017 Best View Target

I also have a Run Rate Calculation which is highlighted in yellow

What I would like to find out is how do I report weekly on the monthly run rate and weekly run rate and find out percentage of monthly planned and best view target numbers.

Also, I would like to find out how we are doing this week compared to last week. There is an image on the "Charts and Tables" worksheet which captures how I would like to present this data.

I hope I am able to clarify the ask.

Thanks so much.

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