Create a reverse dns entry on godaddy because we own our IP and use BGP

We just moved to BGP and now own our own ip block from ARIN. We need to create a reverse dns entry. We have pointed ARIN to our godaddy dns servers but need to create the reverse entry to avoid spam blocking of our email. We have our own Exchange server and static NAT.
-We cannot have our ISP do this because we own the block.
Thank you in advance,
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Yes you should be able to.
We cannot have our ISP do this because we own the block.

Did you purchase those IP's from the ISP? We own a block of IP's too and that's how it is done. The organization that sold you the block of IP's (typically an ISP) has to set the reverse DNS record for your email server on their dns router. If they are giving you gruff over, you're probably not talking to the right department. Ask for their networking department or to speak with a manager.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Reverse DNS Lookup can be created only by your ISP. Because you don't have your own registered public DNS servers you can't create revers lookup.
You need to ask your internet provider to do it.
It they telling you they can't it mean person you're taking to is a dump and know nothing about DNS entry.
Like Justin said, ask them to contact you with some department manager. Then need to do it for you.
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
This definitely is not something Godaddy, can do. They will be authoritative for your domain, but not your IP address.

ie, Say you need an A record for Godaddy are authoritative for so you contact them and have them add the record.

A reverse record, however is different. If you have a /24 block, then you need to determine who is authoritative for the parent block, arrange to have a DNS server set up as authoritative for your block, have NS records set to point there, and then add the appropriate records. Often, even if you own the block, the ISP will be authoritative for reverse DNS.

Post or message the IP block in question and I can tell you more about it.
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cschelstraeteAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the comments. Let me add some more detail here.
-We purchased a /24 block of IPs from a broker, not our ISP. We are the registered owner in ARIN and we can designate the DNS authority server(s). We have two ISPs now and use border gateway protocol to allow for failover.
-Called our ISP and they said that cannot create a reverse dns entry for our IP range because they don't own it.
Not sure where to create the record if Godaddy can't do it. Should we use a 3rd party DNS service and make them authoritative for the IP range?
Mal OsborneAlpha GeekCommented:
If you use Godaddy, then you will need a second account somehow, separate from the domain one. It will look after your IP range, rather than a domain. The fact that the IP range and domain are owned by the same entity and point to each other is irrelevant.

You could create a reverse lookup zone at Godaddy, as a separate entity, then designate the name servers suggested by Godaddy. It is kinda like a conventional zone, expect the records are different, it will probably just have a heap of PTR records, rather than A, MX, SPF ect.

Most public DNS services have very little demand for hosting reverse PTR, generally organisations large enough to purchase a block of IPs from ARIN are big enough to run their own DNS servers, often with one on site in a computer room, and another in a hosted rack somewhere.

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Jan SpringerCommented:
If you are pointing your prefixes in ARIN's database to GoDaddy's DNS servers and you are using them as authoritative servers for your inverse zones, have you configured those zone files?
I would divest those IP addresses back to the broker or another one and get your block legitimately through an ISP.
cschelstraeteAuthor Commented:
Thanks all. We did point our ARIN records to Dyn and had configured a zone file there with the reverse pointer. Working as of last week.
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