iPhone moves a meeting to another calendar without user action

My client maintains two calendars; his work calendar, in his Office 365 mailbox and his family calendar, in GMail. His wife shares access to the Gmail calendar using the web browser on her computer.

Today we found that somtime in the last 24 hours, a recurring meeting on his Office 365 mailbox moved by itself over to the Gmail calender - it was removed from his O365 calendar and appeared on his Gmail calendar. He says he didn't move it.

His iPhone is configured in the native calendar client to view both calendars, and I know that with the Calendar client you can change calendars for an event. Has anyone encountered this where the iPhone or another iOS device seems to do this by itself?
Robert ReisigAsked:
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
About the only way this could happen is if the Calendar is maintained in the Cloud and user was accessing the Gmail Calendar.

I keep my Contact and Calendar OUT of the Cloud and only in Outlook and my appointments stay put.

Look at the iPhone settings for Cloud and turn off Contacts and Calendar.
Robert ReisigAuthor Commented:
John H -

Confirmed on both, the calendar is in the cloud, and is accessable on his iPhone. He adds events using his iOS device.

And I will do so - thanks!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I an fairly sure that is why the calendar moved. Turn the Cloud stuff off.
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Brian MatisProduct ManagerCommented:
Personally, I have not seen a meeting change "by itself" what calendar it was a part of, and find it somewhat unlikely that it would do so. More likely is that it was accidentally updated and saved to a different calendar, or something like that. Maybe a mistaken tap on the screen got it moved... pretty easy to accidentally do that... But then again, I don't use Office365, so who knows if there might be some sort of bug with that system.

I do use a pretty significant multiple calendar system though, all integrated onto my iPhone: Apple iCloud for a personal calendar, a Gmail calendar for events with friends, a separate Gmail account with calendars for work, and a Facebook events calendar. I've never once seen something change calendars, but I have definitely made mistakes and put something on the wrong calendar (my system is a little more convoluted than it really needs to be, and I should probably cut down on some calendars). My calendars are all "in the cloud", this way I can access them regardless of device: iPhone, MacBook, desktop, iPad... All in sync. If a calendar needs to be accessed by someone else or on multiple devices, then you probably should keep it in the cloud.

Closest thing I've seen is when I was creating events and had them ending up on an old "Library Loans" calendar I had set up in Apple's iCloud. Turns out I had a bad default calendar set up on the phone, so all new events I created on my iPhone were going there. You can change the default by going to Settings > Calendar > Default Calendar
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Neither have I seen this, but what I have seen is that turning the Cloud stuff ON stops standard Outlook syncing. So then a user may try to populate something and changing other places they do not expect.

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Robert ReisigAuthor Commented:
Brian - granted 'it just happened' isn't the answer as such. But, in that on iPhone's calendar, you can tap to change the calendar an event is on, and given that iOS has over the years exhibited problems with Exchange Calendars, I would not be surprised if this is what happened. Also, it could be pilot error.

I've also read that as John H. noted, iCloud being setup for Calendar and Contacts can cause issues with Exchange and Google calendars. I followed his advice and we haven't seen the issue occur again.

Thanks for your input, and thank you John!
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You are very welcome and I was happy to help you.
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