MkDir to create multiple folder and subfolder

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how do I create "Commercial" & "Deployment" as subfolder for specific folder name based on some textbox value.

Private Sub Command58_Click()

filename = filenametxt.Value
MkDir "c:\AccessDatabase\" & Me.filenametxt.Value
MkDir "c:\AccessDatabase\" & Me.filenametxt.Value \ Commercial
MkDir "c:\AccessDatabase\" & Me.filenametxt.Value \ Deployment

What should I add in the codes
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filename = filenametxt.Value
MkDir "c:\AccessDatabase\" & Me.filenametxt.Value
MkDir "c:\AccessDatabase\" & Me.filenametxt.Value & "\Commercial"
MkDir "c:\AccessDatabase\" & Me.filenametxt.Value & "\Deployment"

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this should do it

Dim filename As String
filename = Me.filenametxt
MkDir  "c:\AccessDatabase\" & filename
MkDir  "c:\AccessDatabase\" & filename & "\Commercial"
MkDir  "c:\AccessDatabase\" & filename & "\Deployment"

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