Can ping from Switch but not from PC

running into a current problem where my 10+ years of routing and switching experience is drawing a major blank (embarassed).

i have an HP procurve environment comprised of a core with a highly subnetted 192.168.x.x/24

I have a need to connect us up to a different network made up of a bunch or extreme switches on a 172.16.101.x/24 network for switch management on vlan 400.

I have been able to trunk vlan 400 from the hp to the extreme network.

From my core switch (or any switch that has vlan 400 on it) I can ping any switch address on the 172.16.101.x network so I know i have vlan 400 passed all the way through to the extreme network

From my pc I can not ping any of the 172.16.101.x switch addresses

What stupidly obvious thing here am I drawing a blank on.

Thanks in advance.
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AlexProject Systems EngineerCommented:
Windows firewall? Leave the service running but disable it on your lan card, just to rule it out
TFGreenAuthor Commented:
thank you - windows firewall is disabled by default
TFGreenAuthor Commented:
simple drawing of procurve switch connecivity to the extreme switch network.  All over vlan 400
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GammelgaardFreelancer - IT SpecialistCommented:
Sounds like routing issues to me - maybe the extreme network side does not properly know what to do with return packet, otherwise it can be a router with an acl

Try with traceroute tools

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TFGreenAuthor Commented:
But if any HP switch on vlan 400 can ping any extreme switch on vlan 400 on the other network would that really be in play?
GammelgaardFreelancer - IT SpecialistCommented:
Well, the traceroute will tell you.. Do one from your pc and one from the Core router and compare
TFGreenAuthor Commented:
trace route from core and pc attached - core is immedeate and pc never makes it

GammelgaardFreelancer - IT SpecialistCommented:
The routing device handling the return packet needs to know of your 192.168.x.x net
TFGreenAuthor Commented:
so the extreme core would need a route in it to point back to the 192.168 network?
GammelgaardFreelancer - IT SpecialistCommented:
That's my best bet
GammelgaardFreelancer - IT SpecialistCommented:
That's my best bet
TFGreenAuthor Commented:
you might be onto something - I could not ping the HP network from the extreme until I just added this route into the extreme network and not the extreme can ping the HP network - but still can't ping the extreme net from a pc yet

GammelgaardFreelancer - IT SpecialistCommented:
Put a route for extreme net into your own core - also check the ACLs, if any
TFGreenAuthor Commented:
all fixed - thank you
MikeIT ProfessionalCommented:
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