t-sql need help on t-sql

I have a SQL getting error, see below test case.
Need Help on the second SQL, getting error (see below error message). Thank you very much

DECLARE @srvID                  varchar(100)
set @srvID = '2, 281';

SELECT cast(Value as smallint) srv_id FROM dbo.Split(@srvID , ',')

create table #tmp(      id int, SERVICE_ID smallint, First_Name varchar(100), last_Name varchar(100),SRV_PRICE smallmoney)  ;
      insert into #tmp values(49304, 2, 'John', 'Doe', 180.00);
    insert into #tmp values(49304, 281, 'John', 'Doe', 35.00);

FROM       #tmp
WHERE      id = 49304
      ( CASE
             WHEN cast( @srvID as smallint) = 0 THEN (  SERVICE_ID  )
            (  SELECT cast(Value as smallint) FROM dbo.Split(@srvID , ',') )
 drop table  #tmp;

The first select get result as:

the second select get the error:
Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '2, 281' to data type smallint.
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Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
>the second select get the error:  Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '2, 281' to data type smallint.
That's because this line uses the variable in an expression CASTing to a smallint without converting it to numeric values

      ( CASE 
             WHEN cast( @srvID as smallint) = 0 THEN (  SERVICE_ID  )

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jfreeman2010Author Commented:
When I try this, still get the same error:

SELECT CONVERT(int, Value ) FROM dbo.Split(@srvID , ',')
Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
Where is [Value] defined in your code, and what data type is it?

Please move all your code into a code block, and also include the code for the table valued function dbo.Split
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jfreeman2010Author Commented:
ALTER Function [dbo].[Split] (
   @InputText Varchar(max),  
   @Delimiter Varchar(10))  

   Value Varchar(max))


-- Function Split                                        --
--    • Returns a Varchar rowset from a delimited string --


      @Pos Int,        
      @End Int,        
      @TextLength Int,  
      @DelimLength Int  

   SET @TextLength = DataLength(@InputText)

   IF @TextLength = 0 RETURN

   SET @Pos = 1
   SET @DelimLength = DataLength(@Delimiter)

   IF @DelimLength = 0 BEGIN  
      WHILE @Pos <= @TextLength BEGIN
         INSERT @Array (Value) VALUES (SubString(@InputText,@Pos,1))
         SET @Pos = @Pos + 1
      SET @InputText = @InputText + @Delimiter
      SET @End = CharIndex(@Delimiter, @InputText)
      WHILE @End > 0 BEGIN
         INSERT @Array (Value) VALUES (SubString(@InputText, @Pos, @End - @Pos))
         SET @Pos = @End + @DelimLength
         SET @End = CharIndex(@Delimiter, @InputText, @Pos)


Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
FROM       #tmp
WHERE      id = 49304
AND      (@srvID = '0' OR
      SERVICE_ID IN (  SELECT cast(Value as smallint) FROM dbo.Split(@srvID , ',')  )

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jfreeman2010Author Commented:
Scott Pletcher - thank you very much for your help.  that works.
jfreeman2010Author Commented:
Scott Pletcher  did result my insure and should got 500 points.  I am what I did close this without give him the point.  Very Sorry Scott.  I did not mean that bad...
jfreeman2010Author Commented:
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
You're welcome. I did get the points, but more importantly you got a good answer :).
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