stress test workstation for SQL 2016 for CPU-specific evaluation

to do stress test to see CPU performance, (not memory or disk at this test)

what tool do you recommend for sql 2016 (other than native sqliosim)? preferably different CPU counters or advanced metrics calculations for CPU..

I see sqliosim is dated many years ago
but does not have lot of counters for CPU performance nor does it seem like it specializes in CPU performance .. hence would appreciate expert suggestion for latest version..

and whatever CPU metric the report of the tool produces, it would be good to have a reference point of what is more relatively acceptable or good for the given stress test.
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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
For SQL Server, memory is a lot more important than CPU. Usually CPU usage will become more critic when the memory is full.
Anyway, you can always use the Windows Performance Monitor to get the CPU counter during the test phase.
25112Author Commented:
Vitor I was thinking for sql workstation more than sql server.. does that make a difference of perspective?

also, can you I ask you: what CPU config have you found satisfactory for your local instance (workstation)? did you choose that cpu or was it just given to you?
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
does that make a difference of perspective?
No. Is the same SQL Server binaries. Only difference is you can't add as much CPU and RAM in a workstation as you can in a server.

what CPU config have you found satisfactory for your local instance (workstation)?
In a workstation usually you have more things installed that SQL Server, so I'm expecting more CPU usage in a workstation. Based in my experience, in a server the CPU is used in average around the 20%-30%. Can have some peaks to 70%-80% but should return almost immediately to the previous 20%-30% mark.

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