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my domain is listed in spamhaus DBL , we have taken all measures for not sending promotional emails to the non-opted contacts and made  several requests to the spamhaus to remove  our domain from the list but they are not supporting in this, they keep replying like the below posted, PLease suggest us the way on getting delisted, it is affecting us very badly please support


We have reviewed the DBL listing for and decided that
we will retain that listing at this time. We do not discuss criteria
for inclusion in DBL, however it includes many factors. Your domain
matches several of those criteria.

DBL listings expire over time, so if our systems do not see your
domain for a while it will drop out of DBL zone. Many factors which
affect your domain's reputation may also change over time, so by
engaging in good reputation practices it will eventually drop out of
DBL. For more information, please see DBL FAQ "Why is my domain listed
in DBL?"
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Unfortunately the final call on whether to delist you belongs to them, if you have gone through your system diligently and can confirm that spam emails are not being sent out then you've basically done all you can. The DBL is reputation based from what I understand so if you were a problem domain for long enough they may simply be retaining the listing based on that. Unless you can get them to explain to you what the issue is, and it doesn't seem as though they are willing to do that, there isn't much you can do beyond ensuring you are not sending spam email and waiting for the automated process to delist you.
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Only Spamhaus can remove you from their lists. You have to follow their directions for removal, and perhaps look at the content of your emails to your customers
Shaun VermaakTechnical Specialist
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I suggest you read this link, specifically What is "confirmed opt-in" (COI)? and What is the right way to send bulk e-mail?
What method are you using to send out mail (mailchimp, madmimi etc.)? If you send mail like snowshoers you will never be removed from list

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