Visio 2010: How do you increase the boundary lines of the swim lanes after changing the paper sizew?

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I originally started the Visio drawing at 8.5x11 and I discovered that I needed more space. I changed it to A3 11/17 but I could not drag the boundary lines to the new margins. Please help
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There are two parts to the swim lane structure: 1) what I'll call the "block" which includes all the swim lanes in a group and 2) the individual swim lanes.

If your diagram appears toward the middle of your new page size, leaving lots of white space above it... click in the colored heading area to select the entire diagram (small handles will appear). Move the cursor toward the edge until you see the four-way arrow, then click/drag the entire diagram toward the top of the page.

If you move your cursor near the right edge of the block area, you'll see a four-way arrow. When you do, click. You should see a thick gray border around the block.

Now, move onto the right edge border and you should see a 2-way arrow, left and right. Click/drag your swim lanes into your new page area.

To resize individual swim lanes, move your cursor to the horizontal line dividing them look for the 2-way, up/down, arrow. Click/drag to resize the lane above it.
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This question seems to have been abandoned by the OP, but I walked through the process in Visio and documented it in my comment.

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