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In Windows 10, Ctrl+Alt+(the arrow key) can rotate your screen. The problem is, I need for my second screen to rotate and not the first. So far it will only rotate any app that I have open on my laptop and not on my 2nd monitor. Any suggestions?
Stephanie BarnettAsked:
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Tyler BrooksNetwork and Security ConsultantCommented:
I'm not aware of any way to get the keyboard shortcut to do this, depending on your graphics card driver you can sometimes change the orientation of a particular screen in those settings. Otherwise there are free programs like iRotate that will allow you to do this.

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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
So make your secondary monitor your primary and physically switch them.

Give that a try.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
I don't know what video card you have but if i put mouse on my left monitor screen and use CTRL + ALT + Left arrow, then only left monitor is changing from horizontal to vertical
I think Tyler has it. Go into the actual graphic card settings. There should be a setting there to rotate screen, and give you an option for the 2nd monitor.
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Either answer should take care of issue.
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