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Hi EE,

I am looking for cloud solution for small IT organization with 2 DC, file servers , application server and terminal server. Our exchange environment in O365 already . Our next phase is moving our AD and File server in Microsoft Azure .

For planning this activity , what cloud solution is better for such of descried environment ?  which is less cost effective ? How do I find price chart if we plan to go for  Microsoft Azure.

Also , Please forward technical documentation , knowledge article for migration  and administration .

Thank you in advice and looking forward to hear from you.

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This don't have define answer as really depends on how much you know about cloud or how much you are want to save.

recommendation really depends on business requirement and you basically want cost effective i will say,

Traditional way
For pricing on Azure.

File and DC can run on A1 basic, but you need to run VPN gateway between Office 365

it will cost roughly 150 AUD per month (or higher if you have high file transfer between file server and on-premises) to maintain such capability.

Modern way
No AD and No file server.
Azure AD can be used  and windows 10 join to that domain.
File server migration to Sharepoint (part of office 365)
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Going to Cloud Azure fully should be good step forward for small business rather than managing on-premise or hybrid model that can have a complex AADConnect, AD FS and hybrid mail environment. Go well with the already onboarded O365 services too.  Hybrid model are just interim and eventually should be removed.

A quick estimate can be listed through the use of the online Azure calculator at, by adding the service, system and user count that you need. The final price per month will be calculated and the recommended plan will be shown for choosing. Do invest on the security services like multi factor for each user that will be under the Azure AD.

Besides Azure plan, you may already know the O365 Business suite. Its business standard should be good as it provides all cloud based tools including cloud(browser) versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and OneNote, Storage in the Cloud, Exchange Email, a Team Portal and Project tracking solution and Video Conferencing. See comparison in
btanExec Consultant
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Suggestion provided for such setup

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