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Android: Why do I still hear Video Audio even when muted and slider turned to off

This is driving me crazy.

1) I have my Android muted
2) I have the slider all the way to the left (off)

But the media Audio seems to be independent of the Mute and Slider. It drives me crazy because if I accidentally play a video everyone in the office hears it even though I think my phone is silent.

I would like to have all the sounds (System, Notifications, Media and the RingTone) all locked to the slider position.  Anyway to do that? I'll write an Android app if I have to to get this to work the way I want.

How do I do this?

This seems to be a new issue I am seeing after an OS update.

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Jackie Man
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Give details of the app which plays the video and your Android OS.
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I was using You tube
Your Android OS version?

All other apps behave the same?
Facebook and You tube act the same way.

Is there no way to make the slider control all four volumes? media, ringer, notification and one other I forgot
If the media slider is set to mute, no apps which play video or voice will have any sound output.

By default, if you just press the volume up and volume down buttons on your device, it will only change the volume of ringtone.
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I thought that I did that but I'll check again.

Sorry for the late response. I used to get email whenever an expert answered but I don't anymore. Not sure why.