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Office 365 web view has an issue with calendar permissions. One of our calendars has permissions set but does not show any of that information in the GUI. Even after just adding a new user permission it disappears shortly after. Anyone know the reason this is happening? I know the permissions exist because the microsoft tech did log in through powershell showing me the permissions were there but this does not answer why the gui does not show them. Please advise. Microsoft recommended creating a new calendar but with the sheer size of this calendar would be a huge headache to do this.
Joe DanyiOwnerAsked:
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Have you checked Outlook? Do the Calendar permissions work OK there?
Joe DanyiOwnerAuthor Commented:
Outlook works perfectly ... the only element struggling is the web GUI
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
If it's only with OWA, there's hardly anything you can do. Try removing/re-adding the permissions, see if it makes a difference. If the issue continues, get the support engineer to escalate, as it's most likely something on the backend.

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Joe DanyiOwnerAuthor Commented:
been there, done that ... they have elevated it to the people that write the code... the only variable that i am trying to eliminate is if there is an issue with owa and calendar size as this is not happening on every calendar... seeing if anyone else has experienced this and had any insight
Joe DanyiOwnerAuthor Commented:
Currently moved to Coding for 365.
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