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Over the weekend my company migrated to Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2003. We are in a period of a Split Brain DNS where both servers reside on the network at the same time. All of the users can receive emails from Outside and the users can email out however when we use our ERP system to email out it fails. All of our Fax/scanners also cannot authenticate and fail as well. Finally our website which relays through the old server also are not making it through.

All of the Public IP addresses have been changed to point to the new server and all of the records required to identify both servers on the internet as well as internally have been changed. I can get to OWA on both servers internally and externally however I cannot log onto the new server OWA but that is a another question.

How can I troubleshoot this? I have created a relay on the new Exchange 2010 server and added all the relays that were on the old server but that does not work, yet.
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Patrick BogersDatacenter platform engineer Lindows

So outlook clients can recieve and send mails but other apps cannot.
Looks like there is a culprit in authentication method on your virtual directories.
Please compare the methode allowed on both machines, chances are big you missed Some checkboxes like anonymous etc... this is also your OWA issue.

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Can I take it the you've moved your receive and send connectors onto the 2010?  If so, check that the IP addresses of the devices that could previously relay via the 2003 server are listed under the allowed devices under the network tab of the Receive Connector that you've setup to all relay to happen.  Also check that you've replicated the authentication method that was used on the 2003 server onto the 2010 server.
TimSr. System Admin


Thanks Guy's, it was an issue with the type of Authentication that was being done.

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