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How to use the Dell Wyse Device manger correctly

At my workplace, we use Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Servers for most of the staff to access the company applications.  We do have about 10 PC's but the majority of the staff uses Dell Wyse Thin Clients to access the company network.

I have been given the task to setup Dell Wyse Device Manger and to set up the configuration so that I can centrally manage all of our Wyse Thin Clients instead of going to each individually to make those changes.  For Example it is our hope that I can remotely make changes to a WYSE think client's DNS Server IP address or firmware version.  My questions are as follows:

1.  Where may I find this Dell Wyse Device manager software?
          a.  Is it free or commercial?
          b.  Do you have to pay for end client licenses?

2.  How may I install the Device Manger software and what are the system requirements?

3.  Are there any conditions on how the Device Manager program will work on the thin-clients?
         a.  If a thin client is not a member of the Windows Domain will it be able to connect to the Device manager software?
         b.  If a thin client is logged on locally will the Device Manager program be able to connect to it?
         c.  Etc.

4.  if you ever upgrade the Device manager software will that cause problems connecting to the think clients and then have to update the thin clients in some fashion?  A you tube link that I found is =; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxhqHKPX4vQ
Dell* wyse

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Tom Cieslik

8/22/2022 - Mon
Tom Cieslik

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