SQL Server - Copy database from one server to another

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Is there a way to copy a database from one server to another without performing a backup?  

I want test to copy a database in the production server.
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If you don't want to do backup then you must stop SQL services, copy over all databases (without system)
Then run new SQL and attache databases.


Thanks.  I did backup the database.  Can't stop the services.  So, guess I will need to log onto the server and copy the file to the test server.

Stuart DrydenAutomation solutions architect & senior technical support engineer

There is an AWSOME powershell module for exactly this.  it makes it easy any convenient beyond belief - including in an Aure environment if that is what you need.  Check out the powershell gallery and search for 'DBATOOLS'

i promise you will be impressed!

or directly to their website.  its a free module !


never mind, dont go there, the module is rubbish and expensive !!

why do people on here always close the question and score the first half helpful answer?

maybe other people have ideas too that can contribute ?


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