Quickly capture full name of selected folder or file in Windows Explorer

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When using Windows Explorer (File Manager), is there a quick way to capture the full name (ie directory pathway and filename and extension) for a given folder or file?

I realize that the contents of the Address Bar can quickly be copied to the clipboard.  However, the Address Bar does not include the selected folder/filename, only the directory pathway which contains it.  The same is true for Right-click > Properties > Location.

I'm looking for an option similar to what is available in Everything Search Utility (ie  Right-click > Copy Full Name to Clipboard).

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It used to be that you could SHIFT and RIGHT CLICK on the file name, then do Copy as Path I think, did you try that?

Bill Prew's suggestion works on my Windows 7 Pro PC. I never knew that. This is very useful. Thanks.


Thank you and kudos.  I would have never thought that there might be an expanded right-click menu.

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