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I have about 10 Outlook users (Exchange 2013) that have their personal user account and also have full permissions to a team account. In trying to set up autoarchiving on one user's PC, I noticed the autoarchive settings were already set up to follow the default autoarchive settings on the team account as well as the user account. However, this team account has well over 250 folders (and multiple levels of subfolders), so turning off this setting one by one is not an ideal option.

Is there a way that I can easily configure the archive settings for his personal account and also make sure that it does not end up archiving anything on the team account?

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There is a commercial ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook product that provides the utility doing exactly what you want. It's the Set Folder AutoArchive Settings utility. You can select any number of folders, specify the required AutoArchive settings and run the tool.

DISCLAIMER: I recommend this product because I'm one of the developers, so feel free to ask any further questions.

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