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Ron Shorts
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I understand there is a limit in Office 365 to send 500 recipients, and Distribution Lists are treated as "1" recipient.

However, having a hybrid setup with AD on premises and all Distribution Lists hosted on prem, is there a way to increase this limit or easily "migrate" the DL's to Office 365?

I'm trying to account for mass distributions of lists, say 20,000 recipients and wondered if there was a way around this or I would have to break into chunks of 5,000
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Have you reviewed the Exchange Online Limits TechNet article?

As I read it, each user is limited to sending to 10,000 recipients per day.  That's a hard limit and cannot be increased.  DLs count as 1 recipient; and DLs can contain 100,000 members.  However, if you have a hybrid (and using AAD Connect) the DLs will be limited to 50,000 members.

Hope that helps.
Kundan GuptaSenior Administrator

You can use Powershell to increase LImits.

Set-TransportConfig -MaxRecipientEnvelopeLimit N

N - Number of recipients.

More details you can check from below link



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