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Want Win 10 Pro to search like Server 2010 or 2012

Is it possible to get Win 10 Pro to search like Server 2010 or 2012 where as soon as you log into server you can search?
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I wonder if it's a function we can turn on/off in services?
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I'd check that first, if not you probably have to write a script for it.
Does anyone know if any method works surefire, or what the script is and where that gets entered?
Anyone know what the search service is called in server 2012 that allows this action?  (Probably be a good idea to know before hunting for it)
You should be able to with W10 so long as the "Windows Search" service is set to enabled, how ever by default it is enabled and set to "automatic delayed start".  You could try changing it to just "automatic".  

Also in control panel under "indexing" make sure the location you want to search is included and there are no indexing errors.  If you add a location it can take while a while to index.
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Ahhh oh well.  
Merete, I need clarification on the powershell example.  Not clear on how it relates to the way Id like 10 to search like server 2012
As you cannot run a search such as Server 2010 it was a side idea using a powershell.
Windows PowerShell 5.0 introduces a new, structured information stream that you can use to transmit structured data between a script and its callers (or hosting environment).
Let's say you get a script to run a search at startup or a batch file.
Use PowerShell to Create Job that Runs at Startup
EE has a question with solutions
Run a Batch File on start-up was another option.

Rob Williams made a good suggestion and the last link on my comment may also help you even though it was for windows 7
Find Items Faster with Windows Search and Libraries
Windows 10 is basically an app in progress where Microsoft has begun to eliminate the features we got used to with previous windows and make windows 10 itself a service.
This is the last Windows platform.

Sorry about the reading
Best Windows 10 desktop search alternative tools
These alternative Windows search tools are incredible. NEVER have I seen them, but they are awesome.
Thankyou Mark88 , so many to choose from lol, the open source are always pretty good, do they help you resolve what you need?
Merete, are you saying that we can use PS to set up a server 2012 like search type?
Rob Williams, what do you think of the other replies?
To be honest I am not familiar with the other solutions.  I have never seen an issue searching from a PC, so long as the file location is included in the PC's indexing selection.  The index is saved, so should preform well even after a reboot.

For the record there was a problem after the anniversary update on Windows 10 PCs connecting to a 2012 server when searching, creating files, and renaming files.  It was very slow and sometimes even failed.  The solution was to turn off Windows search on the server.  Even doing this did not seem to slow searches from the PC's, but did on the server itself.  I understand a recent patch has fixed that but if interested the details are included in the following link:
Rob, have you experienced the search function in srvr 2012?  All you need to do is start typing to find something.  The search field just pops up to take your input.
I guess obviously not.  We always use the search box or Cortona.  Guess I am behind and totally on the wrong page.
I assume you meant in a document, or are you referring to typing in the search box?  If so yes, and that works fine.  If you start typing the name of a file it pops up a list of suggestions, for example type Tom....  shows TomsHardware.docx TomsOffice.xlsx and so on.
Oh, yea, this is totally different. I wish there was a way I could demonstrate what Im talking about.  You dont even have to touch the cursor.  You just start typing.
So... Merete, are you saying that PS can be used to build the Server 2012 search functionality into Win 10 Pro?
Not sure I understand what you're implying Mark>PS < ( powershell)  can be used to build the Server 2012 search functionality into Win 10 ?
No. The PS is an option to replace that idea. The PS in Server 2012 is 3.0
The search Service will add load to the server from both a processing and storage perspective.  Any search service will have to create and keep an index of your content.  The use of the search service will also add load to the server when users query the service.
Take into account that Windows 10 comes with Windows PowerShell 5.0 included.
Windows PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration.
Built on the .NET Framework, Windows PowerShell helps IT professionals and power users control and automate the administration of the Windows operating system and applications that run on Windows.
How to Open the many application Windows PowerShell in Windows 10
Powershell  Arsonal Commands List
Ok, so I am confused then.  Are you bringing up PS as an option for this post?
yes I was but it seems a bad idea sorry.
can you explain why you think it was a bad idea?
I mean what if Powershell is exactly what I need?
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LOL!  It's not too big a deal.  just wondering if the functionality was there but just not turned on
I guess I'll try the freeware Listary for awhile.  Thank you techs.