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Outlook 2016 Huge Memory Leak

My user has reported a terribly lagging computer and the problem is Outlook 2016.  It is a Windows 7 64-bit machine with 8 gb of memory and when the computer is lagging Outlook is using over 6 gb of that. All addins are disabled, so is there anything it could be other undetected malware?
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Sajid Shaik M
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is your windows 7 with SP1 ?
is it completely updated ?

instal the office 2016 Cumulative Updates

all the best
Try to disable the option under advanced settings that says enable hardware graphics acceleration.

Also check this link
did you try repairing outlook - or office?
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I have run a repair of Office 2016 and installed all updates for Office.  I looked at the Outlook Memory Hog document but none of the solutions  seem to do anything.
This problem only happens with Outlook, so I have now disabled all the sub-installation components that I could on Office 2016 for Outlook.  This may help, but I am not entirely sure.  Microsoft Excel was open and it did not change its memory usage at all at any time so it is not a general Office problem.
Outlook is still ramping up on that machine.  After only 45 seconds it is at 530 mb of memory use and it continues to grow higher.
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I was able to drill it down to Adobe being the problem, but disabling Distiller, Creative Cloud, Synchronizer, and AcroTray individually never produced the inflated memory problem, so I am left to just disable them all on startup permanently.
thanks for feedback - at least you found the problem
did you try uninstalling / reinstalling Adobe?