Hyper-v migrate to new storage

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Need to migrate Hyper-v system to new storage
Existing system
AX4, two hosts(win server 2012) in MS cluster , iscsi VLAN

new storage : vnxe3200 iscsi

How can i introduce new storage into system and migrate all data (CSV) to it.
Can i just plug the iscsi into existing iSCSI VLAN ?
Disconnect one port from each host server and connect directly to new vnxe iscsi ports ?

!! Don't have licensed Powerpath! so powerpath migration enabler isn't available as i see.
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Yes, you can plug the new system into the existing VLAN setup.
What's the fabric there? Ethernet or Fiber Channel?

Normally switches are involved so all storage can run together and depending on which version of 2012 a Storage Live Migration can be run to move the storage without taking the VMs down.

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