I am having difficulty setting up WinSCP sessions

Matthew Emery
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I need to set up 3 WinSCP sessions which will monitor and when new files arrive they are automatically transferred to a remote server and then delete the original archive files.

I have set up one connection but getting confused with all the different options and references to commands.  

I have now chosen the option to 'Keep remote directory up to date' but can not see an option to delete the original local files once they have been copied OR the option to archive them to a folder called ARCHIVED for example & how to create another 2 instances for different locations.
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You could not do what you are asking by using WinSCP alone. WinSCP is majorly designed to copy the files from the Windows OS to Linux OS.

You would need some sort of scripting like BASH, Perl or Python to achieve what you are asking for.



Thank you for your advice, I set up a batch file to put all files in 1 place then used WinSCP as the watcher on that one directory.

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