Concurrent connection limit to an Exchange 2010 mailbox

ryank85 used Ask the Experts™

We have a client using Hosted Exchange 2010 email platform. They have one mailbox which multiple users have access to helpdesk@....

Recently, the mailbox disconnected randomly on different machines at different times. The Host came back to say they have hit the limit on connections they can have to 1 mailbox at once (32)

They have about 10 devices connected using Outlook and thats it. I sent the connection status (Right click Outlook icon whilst holding CTRL - Connection status) which showed 5 separate connections to helpdesk@ on one machine.

Can anyone tell me what these connections represent and do these count as 5 RCP connections to the mailbox as the numbers dont really add up if what our host is saying is true.
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Aanand Singh KarkiAssociate Consultant

Hi Ryank85,

Yes, there would be atleast 4-5 connections to your mail server from a single workstation; however the number of connections may increase based on other Outlook Add-ins or other shared mailboxes.

You can request your hosted service provider to use and see how many connections are connected to a particular mailbox.

You can also place an request to setup new throttelling policy for your shared/helpdesk mailbox so that it can have optimum number of connections

Aanand Singh Karki

Its not recommended to share a credential of mailbox with multiple users you will end up with throttling. Please convert the mailbox to shared mailbox and give full access to each users.

Or you have create new throttling policy and set RCAMaxConcurrency $null and apply that policy to Helpdesk mailbox.

The RCAMaxConcurrency parameter specifies how many concurrent connections an RPC Client Access user can have against a server running Exchange 2010 at one time. A connection is held from the moment a request is received until the connection is closed or the connection is otherwise disconnected (for example, if the user goes offline). If users attempt to make more concurrent requests than their policy allows, the new connection attempt fails. However, the existing connections remain valid. The RCAMaxConcurrency parameter has a valid range from 0 through 100 inclusive. To indicate that the number of concurrent connections should be unthrottled (no limit), this value should be set to $null.

Np update from user.

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