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I am trying to customize a print layout from a wordpress website so that a user can print the content in a convenient layout.  I've got most of the page working the way I'd like but can't figure out a final piece.  It is a margin space between the header and content area of the page.

The site utilized Bootstrap for mobile responsiveness so I'm not sure if that's causing some of the issue, but here is a link to a sample page.

If you click the "print this information" button, you can see in the print preview how there is a gap of white space between the top logo and the content below.

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This may be specific to Chrome print preview.
Hi you can use Bootstrap helper

Just add this class to your div if you want to hide it from print

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this div seems to be the culprit
<div class="no-header-image __web-inspector-hide-shortcut__"></div>

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refer to this CSS
.fw-absolute-header section.password-protected-section, .fw-absolute-header .no-header-image {
    padding-top: 125px;

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or you can create a specific CSS file and add specific size, width color anything... for printing only.

the link should have media="print"
<!-- print -->
 <link href="css/print.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="print"/>

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Create a file print.css and place it in the css folder.


everything need to be place between

 @media print { 

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