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No NDR to Distribution Group in Exchange 2013

Hi all,

We've recently noticed that our distribution groups are not receiving NDR's.
We've tracked the NDR message through our mail filtering solution and mail server but members of the distribution group do not receive the NDR's. We are using Exchange 2013 and my initial investigation displayed a number of articles which advises that this is not supported.

Does anyone know for sure if it's supported or not, if no can someone suggest a slick workaround.
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Tom Cieslik
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Run this command in your Shell
Get-DistributionGroup | FL *report*
ReportToManagerEnabled : False
ReportToOriginatorEnabled : False

If you'll get 2x False then you need to modify one to True

Note Only one of these Active Directory attributes should be set to True. Setting both attributes to True produces unexpected results.

To make this setting, set one of these attributes to True on the on-premises object (depending on the desired behavior), and allow for MMSSPP replication to the Microsoft Exchange Online environment.

You can also fallow this article
what do you mean by DL is not getting NDR?

DL do not have any mailbox to receive NDR and to further distribute it with users

I am not sure what you are exactly asking?
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Thanks Tom, I'll give this a go.

Sorry if I was not clear in my explanation Mahesh, what I mean is that the members of the DL are not receiving NDRs.
Hi Tom,

I tried setting the below but unfortunately this hasn't resolved our issue.

ReportToManagerEnabled : False
ReportToOriginatorEnabled : True

We can track the NDR coming in but it doesn't arrive in any of the members mailboxes.
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Hi Tom,

Interestingly I've noticed that I don't have the manager attribute but an owner attributes which maybe just a naming change down to exchange version.
We're using exchange 2013.

I've made the below changes and added a manager to the manager field on the distribution list which seems to have resolved the issue.

ReportToOwnerEnabled : True
ReportToOriginatorEnabled : False

I will be carrying out further testing, thanks for your help.
We are still trying to tweak this for our environment but we've managed to get this working by assigning a manager to the distribution group and setting the ReportToOwnerEnabled attribute to True.


Point should be divided between both
Tom has provided you base Idea and I have taken it further