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Search not working in Outlook 2016

I have followed numerous tech bulletins to get the search feature in Outlook 2016 working to no avail.  

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016
Addins - Sharefile (encrypted email)
                NitroPro (disabled)

So far I have:
Made sure outlook is included in indexing options
Deleted, rebooted, recreated the index
Repaired, Deleted and allowed the .ost file to recreate
Turned Exchange Mode Off/On
Ran Quick Repair on Office

The index appears to stop indexing at around 4500 items.  There are far more to index, but it won't go any further (today).  Similar steps yesterday appeared to fix the search feature and the indexing items were closer to 100,000.  Recent items are not being found  in a search, (although indexing says it is complete).

Tech bulletins are all over the place on what may cause this.  Has anyone had the same problem with Outlook 2016?
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Has anyone had the same problem with Outlook 2016?  No.

In Outlook 2016, the search options default to the Windows Index.
So if you go to Control Panel, Index Options, it should tell you that you have indexed 4,500 items (per the above). Outlook will be the same.

Delete the Windows Index, open cmd.exe with Run as Administrator and run SFC /SCANNOW. Allow to complete, shut down (power off), start up, and allow Indexing to run overnight.

Then test Outlook again.

You may need to run a Windows 10 Repair (which can keep everything).
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Lydia Fleeman


I deleted the index and ran SFC earlier today.  I suppose that means I must run Windows 10 Repair which keeps all documents but removes all programs I have installed - a major undertaking at our office.
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Probably 4500 it is messages  stored in OST only? Others messages on server Exchange?

New search behavior
We’ve improved the reliability and performance of Outlook search by integrating the server-side search engine in Exchange 2016 and Office 365 (Exchange Online) and leveraging this search as the default Outlook search index. By default, Outlook will search the entire mailbox and return search results beyond what is just synced down in the OST file. This means less user frustration when they cannot find older emails, and no more having to use the “Click here to view more on Microsoft Exchange” option to find mail on the server. Search just works like a user would expect it to, without any additional configuration steps by users or admins in either Outlook 2016 or Exchange 2016.

Of course, this Exchange-based search requires an internet connection. Offline searches will continue to leverage the Windows search index, which has also been updated with better error handling and retry logic and increased search result cap (from 30 to 250).
Using Outlook 2016 with Exchange 2010 (not 2016).  I am running Windows Repair per Mr. Hurst.  Will let you know how it all plays out.
WOW - It worked like a charm!  Thank you!!!
You are very welcome . I am glad this has worked for you. Thank you.