Network issues, user profiles and mapped drives all going haywire

Clifford Jenkins
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I'm looking for a tool that can help me diagnose if communication between servers, profiles, domains, and anything else is functioning correctly.  I've been in IT for some years and still learning.  I took on a job as IT Manager in November.  For the last two months, numerous aspects to the network, mapped drives needing credentials every time a person logs in, slow login times and extra long times to logoff. Web pages taking 2-5 refreshes to show up or error out. Even issues saying Domain logon server is not available, which when I search, talks about WINS configuration, either way, things were fine up until the last 2 months.
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I would look first at what is included with the server OS.  For example, DCDiag may tell you a lot.
Some of the symptoms you mentioned (slow login times, for example) may indicate a DNS problem.  The usual (but certainly not only) preferred scenario is a Windows server doing DNS, it points only to itself for DNS resolution (in the NIC setup), and workstations point ONLY to the server for DNS.
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You mentioned WINS configuration... what version of Windows servers are you running?

WINS was a big deal back in the days of Windows NT 4.0 and earlier.  Since Windows 2000, DNS is the preferred name resolution mechanism and WINS is no longer used.

Before anything else, make sure you've conducted thorough anti-virus scans on all machines!

As CompProbSolv mentioned, you might have a DNS problem, and that's where I'd start:

1- Make sure all of your servers are configured to point to the correct Primary and Secondary DNS servers (generally, your domain controllers)
2. Make sure all of your clients are as well... most likely configured via DHCP, so look at your scope options.

If you have multiple sites, take a look at your Active Directory configuration.  Are all subnets defined and assigned to sites in Active Directory Sites & Services?  Is each domain controller in its correct site?

Check the event logs on your servers, especially the domain controllers.

DCDiag (as mentioned by CPS above) is a great tool and tests tons of stuff.  Run this on your domain controllers for sure.

Also, system time can cause all kinds of weird problems when clocks across the network aren't in sync.  Do you know how that is configured on your network?
Clifford JenkinsIT Systems Manager



There server versions run from 2003 to 2012.  The Primary DNS is 2003 and it points to itself for the Primary DNS and then the Secondary DNS (Which seems odd to me, that would be the only one that I would point to the secondary first) So far, I've been unable to install DCDIAG on the Primary DNS, so I've been working on resolving that.

I could swear that I had ran AV and mbam on both systems, however the Priamary DNS, along with not being able to run or download mbam, is unable to install mbam, mbam Chameleon, and the previous version on it is unable to reach the service.  TDSSKiller came back clean, but still, with mbam not working, installing and unable to download other things, I'm focused on malware right now.

Most of the network is configured static IP's.

Thank you for the direction, I'll work on your suggestions.
Joseph HornseyPresident and Janitor

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