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Issue with initial exchange 2010 install and mailbox role

In process of installing exchange 2010 in a exchange 2003 environment.  The goal is to move all the mailboxes over to exchange 2010 and then setup an exchange hybrid setup and start moving them into Office 365.

After squashing numerous install errors, I have exchange 2010 installed with SP3 and the latest rollup (16 I believe).

The initial install errored out on the mailbox role a couple of times, and the default mailbox it creates dismounted and I cannot mount it (or delete it).  I ran the Get-Mailbox -Database "Mailbox Database Name" -arbitration command, and I'm seeing 2 system mailboxes and one federated email box.  I have already deleted the discovery mailbox using the exchange shell.

It looks like the install never created the first mailbox database.  If I go to the database path location, there is no folder corresponding to that database (or .edb file).  

I have a new mailbox database created on the same exchange 2010 server, and I need to know if I absolutely need to move/recreate those systems/federated mailboxes and if so how would I do that?
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What errors or issue you faced during installation. From your question, it seems your Exchange installation was not successful.
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I don't remember the exact error I got when I attempted to install the mailbox role, but I had to re-run the setup a couple of times.  There were numerous errors I had to squash (installing on a 2012r2 VM).  

It ended up creating a couple of mailbox databases that refused to mount.  The first database it created contains those system mailboxes, and I can't mount it or move them of course.  The database doesn't actually exist (no .edb file).  I've created a new database, and I've recreated the Discovery mailbox on it, as well as move a test mailbox over to it.

I think I do have exchange 2010 fully installed, it allowed me to install SP3 and then the latest rollup.  I moved a test mailbox over to it from Exchange 2003 to the Exchange 2010 box.  Still in the process of testing.

I'm not sure I need any of the features those system mailboxes provide, since I am moving mailboxes from Exchange 2003 over to the 2010 box, and then move that over to Office 365 using a hybrid setup.  

I'll try the link you provided Pavel, and see if that fixes it (and award points).

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Recreated those mailboxes using the supplied link, worked like a charm.