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DNS server picking up wrong IP address of server

Hi all,

Have an odd one. Just built a 2016 server (VM) and done the usually changed the DHCP address to a static as configured on the NIC. However rather than updating the DNS record it keeps adding the wrong address in teh DNS entry.

I have checked the DHCP server and deleted the original lease.

I have deleted the DNS entry and and run an registerdns command from server.

I have gone into registry of server and cleaned out any old NIC entries.

Not sure what where to go next....
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Delete the NIC from VMware and add a new one.
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Already done that.

netsh interface ip set dns name="NIC NAME" static x.x.x.x
configure static DNS reservation with MAC+IP, so that dhcp does not issue IP to others.
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Ran teh command and it accepted the it without error.
Whats the result. if not accepted then run the command twice... with error or without...
I have run into an odd issue in the past where a IP of a VM was still reachable after the VM was powered down and deleted. After working with VMware support the issue was with the host and was cleared with a reboot of the ESXi host.  As a test have you tried to vMotion the VM to another host to see if the issue persist?
Not sure how changing the ip address with netsh updated the dns record.
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Not sure but that was the last thing I did and it worked.