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Issue Migrating from VCentre appliance 5.5 to version 6

I've a VCentre server virtual appliance, it's currently on build Build 4180648 and I want to upgrade to 6.0

I've downloaded VMWare-VCSA-all-, unpacked and opened the vcsa-setup.html

However I'm having issues trying to get the upgrade started

I want to do an in place upgrade and so I am selecting upgrade but no matter how often I try the (tried and test to be correct) root credentials it doesn't authenticate . It tries because i get the untrusted SSL certificate warning but doesn't accept password - "Cannot authenticate to the target server"

If I go back and choose migrate It does authenticate and then asks where I want to store the new VM etc etc.
However i believe that's for migrating a Windows box to a new appliance rather than upgrade the existing appliance.

Any ideas on how I can proceed?
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I'd not do an in place upgrade but move to a new appliance.

Check out these guides and see what you think,

EDIT - last link
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Neither document treally explains why one would do a migration rather than an upgrade
And they both seems to suggest migration from Windows servers and this is already an appliance?

While that's an option, it's not really the  route I want to go unless I have to,
Nor does it explain why the upgrade refuses to run with an alleged authenitcation issue.
Actually, it's not an in place upgrade, it's a side by side upgrade... You create the new appliance and pull everything to it.


Hmm, I still don understand why there's an install, migrate and upgrade
To me install = install new, migrate = migrate from windows boxes and upgrade means upgrade.

We'll see how it goes.
Snapshot first me thinks.
I see your point mate :-)

ok so upgrade is upgrading from a previous appliance, migrate is migrate from a windows VC and then install is new.


Yes, thats what I thought.
So, to me I'd select upgrade as I'm upgrading from a 5.5 appliance to a 6

User generated image
Migrate is from windows to an appliance and I don't have a Windows box.

In fact running the migrate procedure states as much
You can migrate to vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 from Windows vCenter Server 5.5. If you have an earlier version of the Windows vCenter Server, you must first upgrade to Windows vCenter Server 5.5, then you can migrate to 6.0.

During the migrate procedure I'm prompted for a windows box too, so this can't be the right option.

User generated image

What's the error you're getting, exactly, when you do the upgrade?



EDIT - You need to update your 5.5 appliance, that's why it's not working. It even states it there, update to version 5.5.0 3e

And I don't think you're correct about the version I have
Center Server 5.5 Update 3e | 04 AUGUST 2016 =  Build 4180647

Mine is 4180648 - what I believe its s saying is my version is an Update to 5.5/0 update 3e.

Plus running the check updates option advises there are no new updates, so I belivee this to be the latest 5.5 version
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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Hmmm, not the answer I was after really.

All problems have a cause and there's a fix or a workaround.

Installing new is a workaround and means migrating settings etc.
I don't want to workaround the problem, I want to address it and sort it.

I'm not looking to do anything complicated and Vmware put an upgrade button there for a reason.

I've also got an open question on the Vmware forum

Could I have downloaded the wrong thing???

VMware vCenter Server 6.0 U3       2017-02-24
To be honest, if Andrew says to do it this way, you do it the way he tells you. He is a very well known VMware expert so... I'd just do what he tells you to do and rest assured that if you have issues we'll be here to assist you to the fullest :-). You haven't downloaded the wrong ISO don't worry.


OK, well I'll give a fresh install a try.
Any notes on migrating setups to a new ESX appliance...
The problem is that vSphere things have got too complicated if you had such a real complex environment that would take many days to unpick and setup it may be worth trying to fix but even if you escalated to VMware Support after 4 hours they would not advise an Upgrade.

In our Experience 50 Percent of upgrades FAIL.
Remember ESXi configuration remains with host not vCenter.

So performance data which is old, permissions, inventory folders, custom specs will be lost.

But all very quick to readd.
Well I've got a new VCEntre 6 appliance in place.
I just need to replicate clusters and their settings plus the permissions.

Then migrate hosts and see if Veeam works or not.
The upgrade the hosts to ESX 6 and away we go.

Cheers guys.
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