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Hardware Resources for a Microsoft database only workstation versus .NET development only..

can you offer general thoughts/guidelines when trying to line up proper hardware resource for a IT development team.

1)Database Admins would have dedicated Win10 workstation for their local instance and connecting to other database instances. When they need to work off their own instance for testing, or designing, they might need to make sure they have adequate disk(drive) and memory.

2)In like fashion, what aspect of resource would take priority and focus for a MS Shop-developer mostly focused on VS 2015 development, and using SQL aspects of Visual Studio for development.

2a)database focus only systems can often be constrained on disk and memory; for a machine dedicated to VS2015, what are factors that can stress the system and make the productivity of the developer to be weakened because of system resource limitations?

2b)would it be reasonable to hand same machine to developer and Database people, or should different consideration be applied for .net developer station?
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