Turn a string into a date using Rhino Java

Hi all,

Using Javascript I get a NaN:

var oldDate= '20160306 stuff stuff stuff';
var regEx = /(\d{4}\d{2}\d{2}).*/;
var match = regEx.exec(oldDate);
oldDate = match[1];

function yyyymmdd(dateIn) {
   var yyyy = dateIn.getFullYear();
   var mm = dateIn.getMonth()+1;
   var dd  = dateIn.getDate();
   return String(10000*yyyy + 100*mm + dd);

var today = new Date();

var dateDelta = (yyyymmdd(today) - oldDate);

Since this is working in JSfiddle but failing in Rhino I think I'd need to use Rhino Java methods to turn the oldDate string into a date object so I can get the timedelta between the oldDate and now.

How can I obtain this result?

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var regEx = /(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2}).*/;
var match = regEx.exec(oldDate);
oldDate = new Date(match[1],match[2],match[3]);

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Isn't the above more like what you need?
ltpittAuthor Commented:
var int_pass_rotation = '20170302 stuff stuff stuff';
var regEx = /(\d{4}\d{2}\d{2}).*/;
var match = regEx.exec(int_pass_rotation);
var oldDate = new Date(match[1],match[2],match[3]).getTime() / 1000;


I've tried this and the result is NaN
What is your goal - to get seconds time difference?
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ltpittAuthor Commented:
I want to get the time delta in days...
var dateDelta = today.getTime() - oldDate.getTime();
alert(dateDelta/1000/60/60/24 + " day(s) between");

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ltpittAuthor Commented:
Not working...

The final solution was that my Rhino 1.6 date object is accepting date only in the following format:
either "Month DD, YYYY" (eg, "March 2, 2017") or an array of (YYYY, Month, DD).

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ltpittAuthor Commented:
That was the working solution for me
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