intel CPUs suffix question..

you can see that the suffix mean certain things..

when a intel chip has not such suffix, what does that mean?
example i7-6700.
K is unlocked.. what is a locked/unlocked processor?
MX- Mobile Extreme - what is [extreme] aspect of a processor?
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Unlocked simply mean it has the multiplier unlocked and so you can overclock.
EXTREME is their line of 10 core CPU's
1) If it doesn't have a suffix, it means it doesn't have any of the features/qualities that the suffixes describe. It's just a "standard" CPU.

2) As John Tsioumpris stated, "unlocked" means the clock multiplier is unlocked so you can "overclock" the chip, or run it faster than Intel rated it for.  Typically, nobody but the tech savvy trying to squeeze out maximum performance from a chip will overclock, and it will likely require special hardware for keeping the CPU cool. For more info on overclocking go here:

3) EXTREME just means its part of Intel's expensive, high-end, high-performance line. It's for those who want the absolute "fastest" CPU for gaming and such, although the markup over there other CPUs compared to the performance boost likely doesn't justify paying for them for most use cases.

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25112Author Commented:
thank you
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