what is the best open source database solution?

steve vredenburg
steve vredenburg used Ask the Experts™
i need a database that i can build to hold all on my marketing campaigns information

i currently have a variety of excel spreadsheets that i will import into the database as well

which database is the best for this application?

i also want to make the data available online
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Depending on the size of the data, you can use Access or SQL Server Express Edition.
The most widely used open source database in the world is Mysql.

Mysql can also be used in 99% of web hosting plans, so it is easiest to work with if you want to make the data available online.
The LAMP stack is still the most popular stack for simple web applications, and easiest to find developers for.
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I didn't notice the "open source" in the question title.  SQL Server Express Edition is free, but not open source.

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